Ursa Paul

 „Love is the power through which a vision becomes real.“ 

The realization of the Heilhaus Vision has been shaped by
Ursa Paul and her work as the spiritual guide of the Heilhaus
Movement, as a spiritual teacher and mystic. Standing in
everyday`s life and firmly anchored in this world, she teaches
that pursuing the spiritual path does not mean retreating but
actively participating in the world.
She emphasizes the importance of community building: „Building communitities is close to my heart.
Community reflects an attitude of connectedness with other people and with life itself. Being able to
view life with the eyes of others is the key in developing the qualities of compassion and trust, which
are the basics for building communities. “
Ursa Paul lives and teaches a contemporary spirituality, which is congruent with the great spiritual
and mystic traditions, as well as with the insights of modern science. A central aspect of her work
is the evolution of a holistic humanity, based upon the experience of universal awareness.

„The Heilhaus Movement is a modern form of living Early Christian values - such as the spirit of
loving-kindness, compassion and being of service to others - in our everyday`s life. We try to
apply ancient beliefs in a contemporary form. In essence this is about a deeply felt human attitude
of cooperation and togetherness, of benefiting and being accountable to our society and our world.
Carrying this vision takes many people supporting each other. It gives me hope when I see that
more and more people want to live with this humanity, with this spiritual focus."