Center, Forums and Practices for Life Energy

Working- and Living Communities

In Germany and in Switzerland several places evolved, where people together realize the Heilhaus-Vision in their living- and working environment. Depending on size and activities of a community we distinguish between:

Heilhaus (House of Healing)
A Heilhaus is a place open to people in all phases of life. Children are born. People with physical illnesses, or in mental crisis, or crisis of the soul experience personalized human care and support. Individuals can recover their strength during a stay or convalescent care. The dying can live out their last days in dignity; caring relatives can find solace when mourning. The community lives birth, life and death in the cycle of life.

You can find a Heilhaus in Kassel.

Zentrum für Lebensenergie (Center for Life Energy)

In a Zentrum für Lebensenergie (Center for Life Energy) services are offered, which support and accompany people on social, therapeutic and spiritual levels. The local community which supports the Center develops the pillars of "Birth, Life and Death" and shapes them in accordance with the Heilhaus-vision and the local possibilities. Once these pillars of "Birth, Life and Death" are strongly developed, the Center will turn into a Heilhaus (Healing House).

You can find a Zentrum für Lebensenergie in Berlin.

Forum für Lebensenergie
(Forum for Life Energy)

A Forum für Lebensenergie (Forum for Life Energy) offers meditation, community activities and different kinds of assistance in challenging life situations, i.e. crisis, illness, or times of change and trasition. A Forum is managed collectively by people who feel connected to the Heilhaus-Movement and the Spiritual Network. If a Forum reaches a sufficient size, it turns into a Zentrum für Lebensenergie.

You can find Foren für Lebensenergie in Reutlingen, Eutin, Leipzig, Darmstadt.

Praxis für Lebensenergie (Practice for Life Energy)

In a Praxis für Lebensenergie (Practice for Life Energy) people can be accompanied in accordance with the Heilhaus-vision. Different kinds of services are offered (i.e. body-or energy-work, supervision)

You can find Praxen für Lebensenergie in:
Bad Homburg v.d.H., Ettlingen, Freiburg, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Kiel, Münster, Nierstein, Neustadt in Holstein

and in Switzerland in:
Lausanne, St. Gallen, Steffisburg, Thun.

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