The Spiritual Network

The network of the HEILHAUS-STIFTUNG URSA PAUL brings people together, who contribute in realizing the vision of the Heilhaus as professionals and as supporting volunteers. The Spiritual Network extends all over Germany and Switzerland. It covers 36 locations, where opportunities for meditation, accompanying assistance or active participation are offered. Furthermore it contains about a hundred surgeries, practices, services and businesses of people, who are members in the Spiritual Network.

You will find the whole range of offers under Praxen, Dienstleistungen und Betriebe. This directory is divided into several branches such as "Doctors", "Psychotherapy and Counseling", "Culture, Creativity and Design" or "Finance and Law". Beside a short description of the single offerings, the entries show contact persons and contact information.  

At present there are 439 members in the Spiritual Network.
If you are interested in joining membership, you find further information here.


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