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Welcome to our Intergenerational House of Healing


The Heilhaus (house of healing) is open for people in all phases of life and offers space for spiritual searching, for community building and companion-ship between young and old. It offers counseling and support on the path towards health and healing. 

Based on a holistic understanding of health, we accompany people on medical, social and spiritual levels. The wide range of our services includes midwifery, which comprises the support of pregnant women, newborns and their young families. We also support children and teenagers in their development. We counsel individuals in questions of health and healing and offer crisis support. We provide individualized care and nursing services to the ill, and attend to the aging and dying in their last phase of life. Relatives find support during the grieving process. If desired we can help to create individual mourning and farewell rituals. These are just some examples of the possibilities within our lived community.
Within our community of people from different generations, we have developed and shaped the Heilhaus over the past 22 years as a place which is open to people in every stage of life. In 2008 the Federal Ministry of Families, Seniors, Women and Youth elected the Heilhaus as the Mehrgenerationenhaus (Intergenerational House) for Kassel. Since 2011 we are approved as a Family Center by the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs.

Here you can download our current information and our recent flyer.

Intergenerational Hospice in The House of the Center (Haus der Mitte)
The largest project, that we have realized in the last past years, was to build the House of the Center (Haus der Mitte), which was opened on March 20th in 2016 as an extension of the House of Healing (Heilhaus).
It serves through its holistic approach the recovery and healing of mind, body and soul. And the House of the Center (Haus der Mitte) includes the first intergenerational hospice in Germany at all, where the seriously ill and the dying can spend their last time of life together.